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RNB Services

Expert inventory management service
for wine, beer, draft, and liquor.

Cutting Overhead One Bottle at a Time Cutting Overhead One Bottle at a Time

Managing inventory has never been easier.

It's now fast and simple to see where losses are occurring.


Inventory Control

Using our proprietary software in conjunction with your existing POS, we perform on-premise bar audits and then work with you to decrease your losses and increase your profits.


Faster Counting

Bar stocktaking is made easier, alcohol and beer inventory level are maintained at maximum efficiency and loss due to waste, spillage and theft is dramatically reduced.


Increased Profits

Being able to see exactly what items are having issues allows you to take full control over your inventory which directly equates to raised profits -- on average, 500% increase.


Leading edge technology

We have designed a software from the ground up which allows our management and auditors to excel past the competition with ease. This software promotes accuracy amongst our customers due to its trend-tracking abilities. At a glance, customers can quickly review past month's ratings, profits, losses, and more, all from an easy to read graphing system.